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Mission Statement

Welcome to our tranquil learning garden.

I am Jill C. Perez the founder of Tranquil Teachings Learning Center and after 20 years as an educator, I was motivated to create a learning model that truly served everyone. As a classroom teacher, supervisor to student teachers, university professor and parent, I realized that schools were discouraging freedom of thought, family values, and overall flexibility. I also witnessed the shift to common core standards and mass testing which commoditized our children. Education has the power to improve our lives but working within the current institutions was diminishing the human spirit. Therefore, I felt the need to listen to my heart and honor our children. The simple goal for this new endeavor is to value humanity by offering the following:


1) ACADEMICS: Bring learners together in a rich learning environment that honors and challenges the whole child. Establish a learning community that encourages team building, cooperation, communication, respect and risk-taking.

2) AGRICULTURE: Learn from nature to promote well-being. Encourage learning that values curiosity, patience, critical thinking, perseverance, peace and creativity.

3) AMERICA: Build a solid foundation on American values. Nurture students with a well-rounded education that promotes depth in each subject matter. Make learning relevant, truthful and real by exploring quality curriculum and primary documents.


Tranquil Teaching's mission is to grow minds, master peace and nurture connections. We accomplish this by creating a balanced learning experience. As students strive academically, we equally encourage a focus on wellness and health. Tranquil Teachings also aims to bring nature back into the classroom, utilizing the environment as a natural classroom. We believe that nature is a great teacher, and this mindset encourages our students to respect the natural world.


Respectfully Tranquil Teachings also provides a safe educational environment designed to instill self-confidence and a life-long desire for learning. Our small classrooms are designed to meet the needs of each child. We recognize that the intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs of children are unique, and our programs are carefully designed to stimulate, engage and challenge the individual needs of each student. This is accomplished through a loving and positive community that sees the strengths in every child. Our goal is to empower children with the confidence, self-assurance, knowledge, and moral awareness necessary to establish a strong foundation for their future.


Our Tranquil Teachings team models expectations by employing quality educators. Collectively we create calm, comfortable and positive learning experiences. Our teachers build relationships with our students and the families they serve. We always welcome parents and families in our learning center. Their involvement, questions, comments and feedback are appreciated and help us grow. Together we can achieve a beautiful world in which we grow minds, master peace and nurture community.

With Sincere Regards,

Ms. Jill C. Perez

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