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About our Director

Meet our Founder:  Ms. Jill Perez

Tranquil Teachings Learning Center was created to offer more educational opportunity and choice.

The goal was simple; to serve the needs of children, parents and the teachers.

Our mission is growing minds, mastering peace and nurturing connections. We want to create a healthier learning environment that brings nature back into the classroom and values both academics and agriculture.

Jill Professional Pic.jpg

As an educator with over 20 years of teaching experience in academic subjects as well as yoga and meditation I saw the need for greater balance. My experience includes teaching middle school math, social studies and health in several New Jersey public and private schools. Additionally, I taught and supervised students at Rutgers University and am still currently supervising students at Seton Hall University. This experience has helped me grow as an educator but I strongly credit my yoga practice as having the greatest impact on my educational career as well as parenting 4 daughters, with my college sweetheart.

As we come together this year let us all commit to a deeper reflection on life, family, and community.

Our Tranquil Teachings community has the power to model a wonderfully balanced life for our children.

Our goal at Tranquil Teachings is to create a space that suits every learner's unique needs and each family's educational desires.
Questions and inquiries are always welcome.

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